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Customer opinions about our service and products

Mr. Rene H. sent the following mail on 04/16/2022:

Dear Mr. Gleichmann

thank you very much for the delivery of the spoiler. In the meantime I have installed it together with the seal on my Fiat Ducato. The expectations have been more than fulfilled. The wind noise is gone and even at speeds of over 140km/h a conversation like in a passenger car is possible. I am totally enthusiastic about the quality and effectiveness of your spoiler and can highly recommend your product.  

Rene H. from Switzerland

Mr. Martin T. sent the following mail on 07.03.2022:

Hello Mr. Gleichmann,

we were super happy with the spoiler, a very noticeable reduction in noise on the highway. Before you could only talk screaming with the kids in the back seat. After installation, it went in the normal tone. Unfortunately, our motorhome was stolen, but for the successor we would like directly ordered again a new roof spoiler with seal. .


Martin T. from Stralsund

Mr. Christoph W. sent the following mail on 02.09.21:

Dear functional Design Team,

today I received my order and I must say I am very very positively surprised.

As a bodywork technician & painter I was a little *afraid* that I would get a product like you are used to when the material is GRP. Hours of refinishing, filling waves, dents & dings - filling & then painting. However, this is not the case at all! The fit 1A - smooth surface & top paint! The only thing I noticed is the matte surface, however, it does not bother me since it is painted anyway!

Top service, top product & top people - rarely seen so beautifully processed GRP!

Many thanks & love from Austria Christoph W.

Mr. Peter O. sent the following mail on 15.04.21:

Good day,

my name is Peter O.


A few years ago I ordered a roof spoiler with gasket and retaining clips from you. They were for an Adria SHX panel van with H3. After installing these parts I found that my panel van was as quiet inside as a normal passenger car. This installation was the best I could do. Thank you very much for this.

Now I am talking about this to other panel van drivers.
I have a good acquaintance who was very unhappy with his vehicle noise wise. Since he was not so easy to convince, he went with his Womo to a camping workshop. They built him a Fiamma spoiler on the roof.
Since you are professionals, you can imagine that this did nothing. He went back to the workshop and complained.
They installed a new heki for him. The vehicle still has noise.
Now he finally contacted me.
To be able to order the right set, I send you the vehicle registration. It is a Citroën from Pössel. I think he has H2.

Please let me know what he needs to order. He also wants the brackets.

Thank you very much and best regards
Peter O.

Mr. O.S. from Soest sent the following mail on 21.02.21:

Hello Mr. Gleichmann,

thank you very much for your valuable support during the preparation for the installation of the roof spoiler.

Now the weather is on our side and the final bonding is done. What can I say....all super!!!!!

With the new seals I also got the vacuum whistling under control.

I also wanted to keep the max opening angle of the crank roof hatch, which ultimately succeeded without the effect of the spoiler suffering (driving tests up to 130 km/h).

The color of the spoiler (iron gray) fits very well with the vehicle!
Overall, their product is recommended without reservation!!!

Thanks again!
with sunny greetings from Soest

Mr. C.G. from Ostseebad Nienhagen sent the following mail to us on 07.07.2020:

Hello and good day to the team functional-design,

the roof spoiler "Eurochassis Style" ( Art. 1270 ) purchased from you and the "Mounting package for roof spoiler" ( Art. 1205 ) I have mounted according to the enclosed very good installation instructions on a 2018-er Ducato with H2 roof in front of a roof hatch "Heki-Midi".The roof polisher along with accessories was delivered well packaged and could be mounted directly with a very good fit without rework. After 14-day vacation with some hundreds of kilometers of highway driving, I am absolutely thrilled with the effect of the spolier in combination with the additional seals.From the area of the roof hatch are now actually no wind noise audible ( tested up to 150 km/h speedometer ) and thus conversations, Navi announcements and audio again possible in normal volume.

Many thanks for this product!
Best regards

Mr. R.-B. from Staig on Knaus Boxstar 630 Freeway/MIDI-HEKI crank version with the XS-H3 roof spoiler (item 1277A) in December 2018.

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

I would like to give you my very positive feedback on the spoiler.
After we had made negative experiences with our Knaus Boxstar 630 Freeway with a cheap spoiler and the wind noise had even increased by consistent whistling, I ordered your custom spoiler for the super high roof H3 and mounted. Delivery and detailed installation instructions super and easy to do even for the handy layman. The test drive showed that any noise is gone, even when overtaking times briefly over 130 km/h.

Best regards to Bielefeld

Mr. K. (Head of Workshop Customer Service for Hymer GmbH) from the Allgäu region on Carado Vlow 640 year of construction 2017/MIDI-HEKI bracket version in November 2018

Good day Mr. Hartmann,

thank you very much for the fast delivery.
Roof spoiler (item 1268S) and gasket (item 1212) have been mounted. The result is really impressive. Also visually the component fits super to the vehicle.

Mr. B. from Neumünster on Pössl Roadcruiser year of construction 2016/MIDI-HEKI crank version in August 2018

Hello Mr. Hartmann,

I wanted to tell you again that the spoiler (item 1268 in the special FIAT 691 Grigio Fer metallic paint) including the seal (item 1212) and the additional clamping blocks (item 1282) are a TOP solution. It has become so much quieter!

Thank you again....can be recommended without reservation....

With kind regards
Oliver B.

Mr. L. from Kirchleerau in Switzerland on Knaus Boxstar Plus Street year of construction 2016 /MIDI-HEKI crank version in September 2017

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

  • I have glued the roof spoiler on my Knaus Plus and am surprised that you can hear practically at a speed of 130 Km / h almost no wind noise.
  • You can now talk in normal volume and listen to the radio.
  • The installation is easy to follow after the well-described instructions.
  • I opened the Midi -Heki roof hatch with 8 crank turns, the opening is perfectly sufficient for fresh air supply and then glued the spoiler very close.
  • Also the additional seal has totally proven itself.
  • Thanks for the good advice and delivery, just top.
  • Also the refund of VAT has worked super and uncomplicated.
  • One would have to install the roof spoiler as standard on the panel van.
  • In any case, I can recommend the part and is worth every franc.

Many thanks and kind regards from Switzerland

Field report Mr. S. from Bremen on Globecar (roof height H2):

Dear Mr. Hartmann,

after looking at the market, I decided in November 2015 to have you supply a roof spoiler in body color black-metallic for my Ducato X250 Globecar, which is of high quality from an acoustic and material point of view. For this model of the Fiat Ducato (without high roof), which is mainly supplied by the motorhome dealers, everything was available for an exact fit and for front roof variants that have changed due to production and described in detail on the homepage.

In the meantime, I have made several trips with the self-mounted roof spoiler and the additional seal in the frame and am fully satisfied with the product in every respect, as it fulfills the intended use properties in an excellent manner. The roof spoiler even exceeds my expectations in terms of improving the acoustic impression at the ear of the driver and passenger in the front of the Fiat Ducato. Only the noise of the diesel engine, its drive and auxiliary units, the rolling noise of the tires and the noise caused by vortex shedding due to the front body shape, especially the large exterior mirrors are still level-determining but in the overall impression acceptably perceptible.

The additional seal was delivered so neatly glued and cut to fit to the millimeter. I was very pleased with my decision and with the quality of the products which, in addition to the excellent performance characteristics, also contribute so significantly to improving the value of the vehicle, so that the roof spoiler in original car color is now indispensable.

Quality has its price and this is also true for Functional Design, but every interested party should consider in comparison the turnover and yields of the industry, which have been increasing steadily for years, and with what ease several thousand euros for diesel engines with improved exhaust values are now regularly accepted by customers. A few hundred euros for a quality spoiler, which in addition to the objective and subjective noise reduction also contributes significantly to the protection of protruding roof structures, such as windows, hatches and SAT systems, as well as to the increase in the value of a vehicle from 40,000 upwards, is money well spent. On this subject, John Ruskin 1819-1900 has already written something in our memory book:

"Quality is not a matter of chance, it is always the result of hard thinking".



"There is hardly anything in this world that someone cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and people who orient themselves only by price become the just prey of such people.
It is unwise to pay too much, but it is even worse to pay too little. If you pay too much, you lose some money, that's all. On the other hand, if you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the item you bought cannot do the job it was intended to do.
The law of economics forbids getting much value for little money. If you accept the lowest offer, you have to add something for the risk you take. And if you do that, you'll have enough money to pay for something better."

Please accept my detailed lines as thanks and appreciation for your quality products.

A satisfied customer from the
Free Hanseatic City of Bremen

Mr. B. from Bokel on Pössl Roadcamp BJ. 2015/MIDI-HEKI crank version in January 2016:

Hello Mr. Hartmann,

since a few days the roof spoiler is sitting on my Pössl Roadcamp/year of construction 2015.
The comment of my workshop: Looks good!
To sum up:

  • perfectly painted in car color (tizian red)
  • excellent in appearance
  • reduces the noise of the roof hood by perceived 90%.

My problem - the wind noise at the front roof hood - was thus solved shapely. Thank you for the friendly advice and unproblematic handling.
I have also informed the company Krüger-Caravan in Schwentinenthal about the positive noise result.

With kind regards
U. B. from Bokel

Mr. H. from Weyhe on Pössl Roadcruiser/MIDI-HEKI crank version in December 2014:

Hello - Mr. Hartmann

The annoying wind noise of the MIDI-HEKI roof hood (crank version) on the panel van (DUCATO) are sorely known to all RVers driving this type of van.
In 2012, I bought myself a Pössl 2 WIN. Through the Internet, I became aware of your product in my search for a remedy. I have mounted your spoiler and find it very aesthetically pleasing from the look alone. He covers the somewhat clunky roof hatch stylistically perfect. I have also carried out the general described measures of wind noise elimination.

In Dec. 2014 I bought the 2nd spoiler in body color, because of vehicle change (Pössl road cruiser FIAT).
As they say, only a satisfied customer comes again.


  • can only recommend in every respect
  • Spoiler sleek shape and very good quality
  • Contact - nice and uncomplicated, very helpful
  • Spoiler painting - in car color- super
  • Service perfect, what more could you want.

P. H. from Weyhe

A customer from Hamburg on ADRIA Twin 640 ( Fiat Ducato EZ 3/2014 ) wrote in August 2014:

Good morning Mr. Hartmann,

the spoiler is glued on the "Duci" - looks great and the noise is hardly audible!
Without exaggeration I can say: Your product as well as the mounting kit are of the very highest quality, respect ! Made in Germany as in the best times. Thus, the price is also relative, not the cheapest but probably the most valuable!
Already times ADRIA angefunkt? Actually, the part should be installed as standard - a more meaningful improvement to the vehicle I can hardly imagine.

Thanks again for the professional support.
Many greetings from Hamburg

A customer from Dresden on Adria wrote in September 2014:

Result after mounting the spoiler:

I must admit that I did not expect such a positive result. I placed and mounted the roof spoiler purchased from you on my vehicle FIAT Ducato (ADRIA) according to your very good and simple instructions. The result is very impressive. I can recommend your roof spoiler without reservation. Also all new seals for both roof hatches fit exactly and bring the desired success. Now it is possible to talk and listen to the radio even at 130 Km/h in normal volume...

Super compared to before.

Thank you again for this!


Mr. H. from Hamburg on Pössl Style/MIDI-HEKI bracket version in May 2012

With the roof spoiler Eurochassis L we now have about 800 km of experience.

First something about the assembly and the corresponding documentation:

  • Finally once a structured manual, which is easy to follow because of the good illustrations.
  • Complete assembly material and very easy assembly.

About the product:

  • A professionally manufactured part with a very attractive finish (paint).

About the result:

  • Our cruising speed is between 100 and 120 km/h.
  • The noise from the HEKI has almost completely disappeared in this speed range.
  • We have installed the additional seal and the rubber strip in the hinge area.
  • Due to very strong winds, the consumption can only be judged subjectively.
  • Felt the roof spoiler has caused a consumption reduction of about 0.2 l/100 km/h.

Mr. K. from Stolzenau on Karman Davis 590/MIDI-HEKI crank version in October 2012

The roof spoiler L is attached according to the instructions. The wind noise has reduced significantly. Even at real 130 km/h they are no longer disturbing. Many thanks for the advice and the uncomplicated, fast delivery.

Mr. L. from Marxzell on Globecar/MIDI-HEKI crank version in July 2012

In the meantime, I have glued on the roof spoiler L according to the operating instructions and installed the additional seal in the front under the existing seal in the skylight. During the test drive without the superstructure seal was still the described whistling. Now I have my first drive on the highway with real 130 km/h (according to Navi) behind me. Can now confirm that the annoying wind noise as before without spoiler really gone.

I can therefore highly recommend the spoiler to any box driver. Have also written to Pössl to include the spoiler in their additional equipment list.

Mr. R. from Grefrath on Adria SP Jubilee/MIDI-HEKI bow version in July 2012.

Just wanted to briefly say that I have installed all parts last Thursday and also tested. Are then on Friday to Mainz to the Sunday show "ZDF Fernsehgarten" driven.

What can I tell you? I am just thrilled! Even at speeds of over 130 kilometers per hour, it is now quiet. Even the radio does not have to be turned up louder and my Caro Digital satellite system, which is located directly behind the MIDI HEKI, does not make a pipsqueak anymore.
Your roof spoiler L is worth every penny.

Mr. S. from Munich on Adria Twin/MIDI-HEKI bow version in March 2012

Thanks again for the roof spoiler S, the sealing material and the advice. I have now mounted the spoiler - together with the body seal - and it is quiet on the roof, no comparison with before, it works great. I'm just surprised that no one at Adria has pointed out this possibility to me, do they not know about it? According to internet forums, I am not the only one annoyed by the skylight noise.

Thank you and many greetings

Mr. K. from Hamburg on Adria Twin/MIDI-HEKI bow version in May 2010

On the use of the roof spoiler Eurochassis L in combination with the additional seal, I can only briefly say the following:
Before it was loud, afterwards it was quiet! Everything super! The wind noise has been reduced to an absolute minimum, am thrilled!

The color (silver metallic) matched my Adria perfectly.

Mrs. S. from Overath on Concorde Compact in March 2012

You may remember me: I had contacted you by phone before Easter because we needed a roof spoiler for our motorhome Concorde Compact to mitigate the wind noise caused by the newly installed solar system.

Super fast and above all uncomplicated you delivered the part to us, with return option.

Today I am writing to thank you again for the competent advice as well as the uncomplicated processing! We are really excited about the roof spoiler S! The installation was smooth and unproblematic thanks to your instructions and the supplied adhesive. Not only that the spoiler looks really great, now is also quiet in the roof hatch and especially the driving behavior has improved enormously! And of course you were right about the black paint and the version with openings!!! The result can really be seen, as you can see from the photos in the attachment!

Thank you very much for your help and the great service - surely you have no objections that we have already recommended you in the meantime!

Mr. R. from Berlin on CI/MIDI-HEKI bracket version in September 2010

It is estimated that the wind noise from the skylight has been reduced by 90%, even at high highway speeds. The installation of the roof spoiler L was done after the test run with armor tape as recommended.

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul.

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